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Day 2 of Demolishing my Stack of Unfinished Projects

Completing tutorial so I can make progress on my side project

As they say, another day, another dollar

Today was a good day to finish one of my unfinished projects and I did just that! After publishing the project on Vercel, I feel ready to tackle the Charts component on more unfinished personal projects.

Charts, charts, charts

I was making good progress on my dashboard project but then, I got stuck at implementing a charts component with filters. I have paused development on that project for over a month now and found an admin dashboard tutorial on YouTube featuring a few charts. I started the tutorial project a few weeks ago and finally completed the project today.

The tutorial uses components from React Charts as well as data tables from Material UI.

I have not used Material extensively, but it is fairly easy to use and I can include it in future projects as necessary.


This tutorial was also a good refresher for me for using React Context API and a few React hooks for implemented a Dark mode toggler.

Light Mode version

Screenshot from 2022-07-13 20-20-53.png

Dark Mode version

Screenshot from 2022-07-13 20-19-30.png

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Demo Project Link:

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