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Welcome to Tioye's Tech World!

As a driven Software Engineer with a solid foundation in computer science and hands-on experience in full-stack development, I am passionate about building solutions that enhance user experiences.

My journey includes impactful roles at Contagency and innovative projects like the Solaire Platform, where I harnessed ChatGPT, Python, Go, TypeScript, Next.JS, and more to create visually appealing web applications with a WoW factor.

I thrive in dynamic, collaborative environments, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver exceptional results.

Explore my portfolio to see how I turn complex challenges into elegant, user-centric solutions

Recent News

Noteworthy Life Events

December 20th, 2023

Rule the Cloud

I have started my Cloud Journey, attending online classes with the goal of getting AWS Certified in early 2024

December 15th, 2023

Class of 2023

I have recently graduated from the University of Louisville with my Master of Science in Computer Science!

December 11th, 2023

Solaire Platform

I have deployed a working prototype of my Master capstone project and I am ready for Graduation

Featured Projects

I have published nearly 40 web applications throughout my coding journey. Below are a few I am proud of.

Solaire Platform

Capstone project for Master degree. Username:, Password: Recruiter2024



Simple mapping application for Charity


Secret Chat

End-to-end encrypted chat application


Fancy Fence

WordPress site for Fency Fence USA launch


Recent Blog Posts

I use the Hashnode platform for my Blog and I use GraphQL to fetch and mirror the content on here.

13 Redesigning my Portfolio Website

Upgrading from HTML, CSS, JS to Next.JS and GraphQL

January 17th, 2024
Redesign Portfolio

January 4th, 2024
Redesign Portfolio

My world in 2023

A summary of the major events Graduation: Class of 2023 The 2023 year ended on a high note for me as I have completed grad school with my Master degree in Computer Science. Before I start freaking out about job interviews, and my 6-figure student loa...

December 31st, 2023
Life Updates

11 Redesigning my portfolio website

Enter TypeScript and Next.js 14 I am continuing the process of visually overhauling my portfolio website. A few weeks after upgrading my site to Next.js, I have started using TypeScript for my web applications. I have spent the Fall semester finishin...

December 30th, 2023
Redesign Portfolio
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