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Day 1 of Demolishing my Stack of Unfinished Projects

Getting back on the horse of completing side projects

We have all been there..

We all have that long list of unfinished side projects that we hope to complete some day.. If you're anything like me, that 'some day' is always eluding you and never getting here..

Ripping up the bandaid

Today I have decided to finally go ahead and finish one of my long list of unfinished tutorial projects. I recently read a long Twitter thread that gave me a lot of food for thought. To paraphrase my understanding of one tweet, 'success is a combination of all the small wins'. Therefore, by finishing and publishing one unfinished project today, I set myself up to finishing another one tomorrow.

Small, consistent gains

I just need to make it a habit of finishing what I have started so that they do not get out of hands. After all, my Github account has about 126 repositories, but my portfolio website only has a dozen completed and published projects.

Almost Done

I have finished up the tutorial project. My next step is to rebuild the project from scratch without the handholding of the tutorial. One of the mental blocks that prevented me from finishing up the project in the first place seems insignificant now. Next time that mental block tries me, I will be better prepared!

The project we're talking about!

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